Thursday, January 15, 2015

Is This Thing On?

When you think about it, I was just on hiatus. After graduating college, the struggle becomes real.  I didn't know what the alumni were talking about when they said that life after college is hard.  But now I know exactly what they are referring to.  Life after college is like being removed from a fairytale that becomes a faint memory.  Something of your past, something that you can't ever quite return to. The struggle of moving out of school, finding a job, a place to live causes many of us to become stressful, anxious and in my case extremely frustrated. 

That is why I was on a hiatus... Not that that is an excuse.  This did not mean that my fashion addiction was on a halt.  However, now that I am a bit more settled in, I am back to dedicating my free time to my blog.  

I wanted to start off by saying happy new year to my readers.  This is my first post in the 2015 year. Now let's talk fashion.  Who really knows what's going on in fashion world right now?  Rumor has it, Tom Ford is going back to Gucci?  Bruce Jenner is a woman? I don't really know.  What I do know is the details to my outfit.   January in California is unlike any other state.  It brings a slight chill, sometimes gloomy sky, but never any extreme conditions.  This is a relief to fashion lovers, because how can you really be well dressed in freezing temperatures.  Like the Californian I am, I wore a velour/ leather Givenchy motorcycle jacket paired with black jeans and my Golden Goose Deluxe Brand sneakers which I picked up this Thanksgiving in Korea.  I accessorized this outfit with my Celine sunglasses and my green Goyard clutch.  As you all know, I really enjoy neutral tones, so of course, I choose to wear a basic grey Gap crew neck shirt.  

Pairing basics with pieces that are heavier and more expressive can help tone down an outfit and make it seem more casual, which is sometimes necessary in Los Angeles. Happy Thursday! xxK  

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