Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Truth About Weddings

It's wedding season, and frankly some parts of it kinda suck.  Wearing hideous bridesmaids dresses, pretending we're actually really happy for the couple when really all you're wondering is when you're gonna find the one.  Wedding Day: a day where thousands of dollars are spent to celebrate the love between two people. The truth of the matter is the core of weddings are not spent on the couple but the guests who are attending the wedding.  Most of my friends know that I do not want a wedding, because really who needs them?  Of course this is strictly my own opinion.  And I am positive not everyone agrees with me.

My perfect day would consist of these things: designer clothes and shoes with close family members only.. because really who cares about anyone else?  A ceremony that consists of both parties immediately family is exactly what I want, an extremely intimate exchange.

Here's the most important part.  Coming from extremely fashionable roots and a mother who keeps up with trends more than I do, I do not want a wedding dress.  Sometimes people gasp when I say this, and they always seem to back it up with the fact that I'll only be able to wear a wedding dress one time.  That's exactly it though.  Why do I want to spend 5k on a wedding dress that I will literally wear one time?  INSTEAD, I want a white lace embellished Dolce and Gabbana dress that I can wear for my wedding and literally to brunch as well.  Isn't this smart? I like to think of it as frugality.  Because lets be real, Dolce and Gabbana is basically the same price as lunch.

Furthermore, Bridesmaids dresses are the worst.  Paying over $200 to get a dress that does not necessarily fit your style, is not what I want to be spending my money on.e For those that want bridesmaids, I suggest your bridesmaids wear designer dress that they could wear outside of the wedding as well.  Plus, your wedding is gonna look 1000x better because everyone will be fashionable.

In conclusion, I will be wearing THIS Dolce and Gabbana gown for an upcoming wedding and that's pretty much that.  Who gonna stop me now?
currently this was fitting:

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