Friday, August 1, 2014

The True Meaning

Yesterday I was questioned by some friends why I love designer clothes and accessories although it costs a fortune.  I, among the many, who are addicted to fashion know the true meaning comes from deep within.  They questioned why I had purchased my latest Celine, and why it was worth it.  At first I wasn't sure how to respond.

Maybe it's because purchasing a good comes with instant satisfaction and the fact of holding a shopping bag comes with a sort of pride.  Maybe it's because labels are an easy way to define oneself or maybe its because we are really masking something that we do not want to deal with in the present.  To me, its all of the above plus more.  I always say, "designer is and will always be designer." Why?  Ten years from now, a designers clothes will most likely still look fantastic and in the long run it will be given to someone in your family as a fabulous vintage piece.  To become a high-end designer one must completely study a man or woman's body to clearly identify what needs to be accentuated and what does not.  Designer clothes and shoes know exactly how to accentuate those areas.

The cut of a designers clothes should never be meddled with.  I learned that the hard way when I cut a blush colored silk Gucci dress which now resembles a night gown. High-end designers like Hedi Slimane, Phoebe Philo and Riccardo Tisci are gods among the fashion community.  Haven't you ever noticed that all of these designer's clothes always look exceptional on most every person.  This is because a designer is always a designer.

What is the most bothersome about situations like these is that it's hard to explain to someone who has no interest in fashion that these items do indeed have that much worth.  I can't explain to one why a Stella McCartney dress is much more chic, fashionable and of quality than a dress from BCBG, a brand that rips off their customers with their low quality dresses that also copies the designs of high-end brands.  This is not something that I can explain to people very often because it does sound ridiculous to justify the prices of designer goods, because YES I do agree that it is retardedly expensive.  To me, the true meaning of fashion comes from a passion within that only people that share this passion could truely understand.  From an outsiders perspective, I also understand that actions of people like me, only encourage designers to price their products at such a high level like an Hermes Collier de Chien for $4,000 and Celine turtlenecks for $2,000.

I am not saying wearing designer clothes are the only option for me, nor am I saying that other brands are not worthy of my time, because yes I do love a deal from Gap, trust me.  But, I am saying to let those of us that love these Saint Laurent shoes, Tom Ford luggage bags and Loro Piana cashmeres to just let them be.  Because in all honesty, you didn't help pay for these so don't get so worked up as to why I needed to pay $900 for these Valentino rock studs.


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