Tuesday, July 29, 2014

SoulCycle and Raw Juice, Please?

Do you participate in SoulCycle and Raw Juice Cleanses? Yeah, I don't do that either.  BUT, everyone knows the fashion industry is picking up on much fitness wear as a new outlet for chic outfits.  I don't mean the fitness trend as in the classic Los Angeles need for PopPhysique and Pressed Juicery.  But rather the fact that Nike and Adidas are dominating the fashion industry at the moment.  Combing lifestyle wear and pairing them with something a little more fun and formal and simply putting on a pair of cool sneakers is definitely what is trending right now.  

If you didn't already know, I have a shoe problem and the trend for sneakers has heightened my already existing love for sneakers.  Tennis shoes that have become part of the trend is now just the cherry on top.  You can see world-class trend setters like Vanessa of Haute Pursuit and Sophia of Esymai to be rocking tennis shoes.  

I don't work out but I like to wear fitness clothes and pretend I just got out of hot yoga.  Today, I put this trend into my outfit.  A few months back, with the intention of wearing this as a chic outfit rather than a work out shirt, I purchased a Stella McCartney x Adidas collaboration top.  Originally intended to be a work out top, I paired this with a more formal black skirt from Zara.  As a jacket, I wore my Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti white silk bomber jacket.  To top this outfit off, I wore my Adidas Superstar 2.0's which are a definite throwback from the 90's.  So glad these are back in style, I am happy to be rocking these babes.

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