Thursday, July 31, 2014

LA: Sunny Place for Shady People

I like to think that my style consists of mixing fun, casual wear with Parisian chic.  In today's out of of the day, I try to nail exactly that.  I take inspiration from fashion moguls like Nicole Richie when putting an outfit like this together.  (Also if you haven't already seen Candidly Nicole, do yourself a favor and watch it because it's probably the best thing currently on TV).  

For my day out in the sunniest place for the shadiest people, Los Angeles, I am wearing a City of Angels shirt that is honestly so ragged.. I swear if I didn't wear the blazer I would be asked "are you a crack dealer?"  I think it's important to take the clothes that you have that a little more haggard and pair them with more formal wear so you don't look so much like a washed-out teenager.  

I wear this hole-ridden shirt with a Sandro Paris blazer that makes up for my $12 Urban Outfitters shirt.  On top of this I thought it would be fun to wear a statement necklace.  This one is my favorite, I say I 'made it' but I really just bought the pieces and assembled them together.  Wearing statement necklaces can make an outfit so much more fun.  

My shorts are vintage Wranger, you can pick up a pair at any vintage store or Urban Outfitters, where they sell the Urban Renewal line, mostly of Levi's and Wrangler.  To add more spunk to my outfit I chose to wear my bright teal Prada heels.  They're high, but very worth it in the sense that it makes me look skinnier and for the visual illusion of having longer legs.  Other than that, my feet suffer.  If you're not into wearing heels, you can pair and outfit like this with any athletic shoe, Vans, Superga, Adidas, or Nikes.  My pick would be my Nike Roshe.  

Find similar here:
Sandro Virtuose Blazer, $530
SkarGorn #61 Tee, $60
Levis Demin Shorts, $29
Woven Chain Statement Necklace, $168
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