Thursday, July 31, 2014

LA: Sunny Place for Shady People

I like to think that my style consists of mixing fun, casual wear with Parisian chic.  In today's out of of the day, I try to nail exactly that.  I take inspiration from fashion moguls like Nicole Richie when putting an outfit like this together.  (Also if you haven't already seen Candidly Nicole, do yourself a favor and watch it because it's probably the best thing currently on TV).  

For my day out in the sunniest place for the shadiest people, Los Angeles, I am wearing a City of Angels shirt that is honestly so ragged.. I swear if I didn't wear the blazer I would be asked "are you a crack dealer?"  I think it's important to take the clothes that you have that a little more haggard and pair them with more formal wear so you don't look so much like a washed-out teenager.  

I wear this hole-ridden shirt with a Sandro Paris blazer that makes up for my $12 Urban Outfitters shirt.  On top of this I thought it would be fun to wear a statement necklace.  This one is my favorite, I say I 'made it' but I really just bought the pieces and assembled them together.  Wearing statement necklaces can make an outfit so much more fun.  

My shorts are vintage Wranger, you can pick up a pair at any vintage store or Urban Outfitters, where they sell the Urban Renewal line, mostly of Levi's and Wrangler.  To add more spunk to my outfit I chose to wear my bright teal Prada heels.  They're high, but very worth it in the sense that it makes me look skinnier and for the visual illusion of having longer legs.  Other than that, my feet suffer.  If you're not into wearing heels, you can pair and outfit like this with any athletic shoe, Vans, Superga, Adidas, or Nikes.  My pick would be my Nike Roshe.  

Find similar here:
Sandro Virtuose Blazer, $530
SkarGorn #61 Tee, $60
Levis Demin Shorts, $29
Woven Chain Statement Necklace, $168
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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

SoulCycle and Raw Juice, Please?

Do you participate in SoulCycle and Raw Juice Cleanses? Yeah, I don't do that either.  BUT, everyone knows the fashion industry is picking up on much fitness wear as a new outlet for chic outfits.  I don't mean the fitness trend as in the classic Los Angeles need for PopPhysique and Pressed Juicery.  But rather the fact that Nike and Adidas are dominating the fashion industry at the moment.  Combing lifestyle wear and pairing them with something a little more fun and formal and simply putting on a pair of cool sneakers is definitely what is trending right now.  

If you didn't already know, I have a shoe problem and the trend for sneakers has heightened my already existing love for sneakers.  Tennis shoes that have become part of the trend is now just the cherry on top.  You can see world-class trend setters like Vanessa of Haute Pursuit and Sophia of Esymai to be rocking tennis shoes.  

I don't work out but I like to wear fitness clothes and pretend I just got out of hot yoga.  Today, I put this trend into my outfit.  A few months back, with the intention of wearing this as a chic outfit rather than a work out shirt, I purchased a Stella McCartney x Adidas collaboration top.  Originally intended to be a work out top, I paired this with a more formal black skirt from Zara.  As a jacket, I wore my Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti white silk bomber jacket.  To top this outfit off, I wore my Adidas Superstar 2.0's which are a definite throwback from the 90's.  So glad these are back in style, I am happy to be rocking these babes.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Erica Pelosini and Louis Leeman Wedding in Capri

Fashion muse and my honest to God idol, Erica Pelosini recently got married in Capri to her love Louis Leeman.  We all know Erica for her contributions to Vogue Nippon and her true love for Balmain, however her fairytale get-away wedding in Capri resembled her style to the next level.  100% custom tailored to her, Mary Katrantzou and Peter Dundas of Pucci took the role of dressing her on her big day.

Moreover, her wedding took place the same weekend as the Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda show which was an exclusive event for both D&G's close friends and clientele.  Many of their guest attended both, making the weekend more extravagant than ever.

What catches my eye the most is her top-notch bridesmaids crew.  Erica decided to hold a bridesmaid brunch in which all of her bridesmaids wore from the Spring 2014 RTW collection.  I swear, if I don't wear Mary Katrantzou for my wedding I will murder someone.  My clique better be fashionable enough for this shit, you don't even know #uoeno.  I'm not even laughing because I'm that serious....

On that note, congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Leeman!

(for more Erica & Louis; all pictures via Coveteur)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Hot Hands

On sunny days like today its important to keep cool in the 90 degree weather in California.  Bring out your light weight skirts and match them with minimalist tops and jewelry.  Today I am wearing a Carven stamp print skirt with a J. Crew tank, Yves Saint Laurent sandals and rings from H&M.  
 Yves Saint Laurent "Hamptons" Sandal
detail of Carven skirt, H&M rings and Rolex watch 
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Best of Street Style 2014

 As Paris Fashion Week comes to an end so the best street style pictures of the season.  Here are my favorite looks.  

(all photos via Vogue)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Eloise: the 46 yr old New Yorker

"If I don’t have dinner plans, I go down to the bar and order a Pink Martini and a Coconut Pyramid"

Was Eloise one of your favorites in your childhood? Today, she would be fourty-six years old and still living in the Plaza.  The New Yorker featured a humerous article updating us on what shes up to now.  Read the article here.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Front Row at Dior

Jennifer Lawerence and Emma Watson were among the many who attended the Christian Dior Fall Couture 2014 show today at Les Jardins Du Musée Rodin in Paris, France.  The show did not fail to impress everyone who was in attendance as well as those who were admiring from the outside.  Here's what it looked like from the front row.  Get ready to fall in love!

Friday, July 4, 2014


4th of July Essentials

Whether your spending your 4th lounging in the Hamptons or on the streets of Venice Beach here are my essentials.
I am wearing a vintage royal blue Yves Saint Laurent jacket with a Comme Des Garcons red striped tee paired with vintage Wrangler jean shorts and Kate Spade pumps.  Please excuse my laundry.... its not gold (no-pun intended).

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Calvin Klein in Los Angeles

Hot days in Los Angeles call for pool days. 
Here, I am wearing a Calvin Klein Asymmetrical cut-out one piece paired with jeweled Miu Miu sandals and Celine sunnies.   

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