Monday, March 10, 2014


Picture this: a grocery store with everything you could want from fine la confiserie, la boulangerie, la charcuterie, la poissonnerie and everything inbetween, but this time it's labeled with the double C's of Chanel. This is not a dream.

Creative director, Karl Lagerfeld transforms his catwalk into a high end supermarket all in the name of Chanel for the AW14 show in the Grand Palais of Paris.  

At first glance this could have looked like the average Carrefour with grocery carts and products, but the sign labeled "Chanel Shopping Center" with models in their tweed suit and hat gave this one away.  The Chanel supermaket set was immaculate.  “Délice de Gabrielle,” read a tin of tuna, referring to Mademoiselle Chanel’s real first name. “Cambonay,” read Camembert cheese, a play on the Rue Cambon, the street on which Coco Chanel once worked and where Chanel still has a store. “Elsa’s black rice — forbidden to great couturiers,” read a label that evoked an argument between Coco and Elsa Schiaparelli.  The references within the show were so on point that I couldn't even handle it.  

Lagerfeld states "why a supermarket? It is something of today's life and even people who dress at Chanel go there - it's a modern statement for expensive things"

All things aside, the show featured tweed suits with A-line skirts and flat boots, hologram tweed sneakers, coats long and loose, or sometimes even short, bright colors like sunshines yellow and grass green.  Here are some pictures from the show. 


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