Monday, November 4, 2013

The New Legacy

The announcement that Nicolas Ghesquière will be taking over Louis Vuitton's womens wear is like hearing wedding bells before Kate and William's wedding.  It's out of control and that's in the best way possible.  We've all been wondering what Ghesquière's been up to since he left his creative director position at Balenciaga.  Questions have been flying if he had been recruited to join Jil Sander's team.  But, no even better.  Joining forces at Louis Vuitton to replace Marc Jacob's role in womens wear. 

Nicolas Ghesquière's leave has left fashion a bit lost and confused, almost like breaking up with a boyfriend.  Why does he have this effect?  Ghesquière is one of the few designers who have the ability to pilot mind blowing trends and make them stick for the rest of us humans.  He's reimagined and changed our generation and the trends us average folk follow.  

So whats to come for Nicolas Vuitton?  We will definitely be seeing a shift from the feminine carousels of Paris held up by embroidered organza, but who knows what Ghesquière will bring.  Maybe something bold, dark and ominous.  

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