Friday, August 9, 2013

Long Live Le Baron!

InstagramWow, today might be the greatest day of my life... Why one may ask? Because Andre Saravia, not only liked but commented my instagram picture.  Don't believe me? @GOLDLAUNDRY 
To a seriously religious follower to Mr. A this is dream come true.  From roaming the streets of Paris to find my very own Mr. A's to attending most and all shows here in Los Angeles, I cannot express my joy.  
To me, Andre is not only an inspiration to me with just his street art, but also in fashion, music, and other such joys in this world.  
Opening show at the MOCA

In other such specks, I was meaning to write about this anyway.  Andre Saravia is a launching a show in Tokyo with Maison Kitsune from September 4th to October 3rd.  In honor of this show, Maison Kitsune has launched the "Dream Concerts" clothing line.  This includes the hoodies, shirts, and bags with prints of the dream concerts, and of course the original 'Parisien' sweater.  This will launch on September 4 with the opening of the show.

If not in Tokyo, the Dream Concerts have also launched in the MOCA in Los Angeles, but you can also find some in the streets of LA.  Look closely and you can spot some too! The show is open now. 

Mr. A at Art in the Streets

There is seriously an overload of things I could say about Andre.  The CD that I picked up at Kitsune in Paris, to the Art in the Streets show a few years ago, to the Levi x Andre collection, to Andre pour the 30th anniversary of Claudie Pierlot, as well as his friendships with my favorite artists such as Kavinsky.  Needless to say, Long Live Le Baron.  

Mes deux hommes français préférés.

Andre Saravia inspired me to this a few years back after his collection of Baron Dollars.  So thank you for always inspiring me till this day!

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