Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Outfit of the Day: Miuccia! Miucccia! Read All About It!!

You usual don't see me stray away from the neutral colors, but I was feeling extremely eccentric yesterday with my neon green skirt paired with my violet hue pumps.  My friend Ben of Les Plus DorĂ©s started his company a year ago, designing shirts with names of famous designers and the appropriate year they were born.  It has become a huge hit in the fashion industry and I can't wait for what's to come with LPD!  I paired the Miuccia Prada edition with a neon green Version Originale skirt that I bought in Paris.  It's hard to find because it is only available in store but here is something similar.  My shoes are violet 'Palais' platform pumps by Yves Saint Laurent.  You can find something similar here.  I picked up my necklace when I was in Milan, at Stefanel.  My everyday arm party consists of my metallic silver hair-tie (doubles as a nice bracelet), Cruciani lace bracelets, a double strap studded Michael Kors watch, and a Cartier love bracelet.  
Don't be afraid to mix colors and more colors.  Mixing hues like green and pink can brighten your summer!  

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  1. love this outfit and please stop being so fricken adorable! i miss that smiling face too much xx