Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Le Roi Babar

Remember reading the stories of the friendly elephant in the green suit who walked out of the jungle and into the big city?  Last summer, upon visiting Les Arts Decoratifs in Paris, I rekindled the flame with my childhood love, Babar the Elephant.  Jean de Brunhoff's Histoire de Babar: le petit elephant is enjoyed all over the world.  Who doesn't love an elephant in such a swaggy, green suit.  

This summer,  Soulland released their Babar collection based on the adventures of Babar.  This is the first brand licensed to use the old original work by Brunoff himself.  The collection includes cotton shirts, button ups, and even babar shorts.  Originally, the collection is made for men, but it's very obvious that girls, like me, get wet for Babar.  So ladies, help yourselves.  Let us eat cake.      

The collection is sold at Colette, but what's even better is that it's on sale today here at Opening Ceremony.

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