Tuesday, April 23, 2013

We Are All Made of Stars

I'm a bit late on posting about Coachella, but it has taken a bit of time for me to recover.  Coachella, the most blissful weekend of the year, was even more perfect this year as I was able to get a VIP ticket for weekend one.  Why? The fashion in VIP is more than insane.  Coachella is a place where fashion knows no ins or outs.  All expression of oneself is welcome here.  Girls pride themselves for the whole year on the outfits they wore to Coachella and as a matter of fact some guys as well.  As ManReller states "Coachella is a desert themed Halloween party."  Leandra, who I got the pleasure of meeting this weekend, was right on point.
The weekend consisted of unreal performers, amazing fashion, great friends and the best of memories.  

(via: Vogue.com)

Leandra in Isabel Marant and GGDB sneakers

Major Lazer Afterparty

It's a wrap!

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