Friday, September 14, 2012

Temporary Tattoo

Remember when temporary tattoo's were in? Well, I remember my first designer purchase.  It was at Dior and it was indeed a temporary tatoo that was supposed to be worn on your arm or wherever you wanted it... who knows?  I was in 4th grade and I walked into the Dior shop and I brought with me all the money that I had saved.  To be quite honest, it wasn't much, but for me it was enough to buy something that I could call MINE.  I ended up purchasing a temporary tattoo, which I was infatuated with for quite sometime.  It was a Dior heart encrusted in jewels and glitter and to me that was all of it.  This day was the day my fairytale dream did come true and since then my love for fashion has grown as I have too, as I am no longer that 4th grader.  Lets be real, where would a 4th grader wear this?  And I didn't for that exact reason, just starred at it all day in my own room.  I still haven't been able to wear it till this day as I treasure the first designer purchase I ever made.  

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